Behaviour Tracking

Output from traditional research methodologies can be limited to the memory and perception of the respondent. At ResearchGuru, we can reach the subconscious mind through "Emotional Response Tracker", "Fixed View Tracker" and "Behavior Studies" methodologies.

Our behavior research techniques record and analyse real-time behavior as respondents are exposed to various stimuli such as in-store POP, television commercials, advertisements and websites.

Behavioural tracking methods are usually used when traditional surveys would not be applicable or would not be sure to get reliable answers.

Behavioural tracking is much more accurate than asking people to recall events and provides a wealth of data for researchers, as well as a means by which they can go back to consumers and ask them about specific activities.

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Online Survey

With ResearchGuru you just need to send your questionnaire to us, and we will do the programming for you! Basically you define your demands and then we create of the survey for you.

The advantages of the ResearchGuru system are:

• SAVING TIME: In similar online survey software, first you need to spend a lot of time reading their manual or watch a video tutorial to know how it works, and in the end you may not get what you want. With ResearchGuru, no expertise or special training is required to use the application.

• SOPHISTICATED AND ADVANCED FEATURES: Advanced features which you would normally pay much more to get, including: conditioning, piping, public registration for surveys, sending of invitations, reminders, embed the survey in “full screen" within your site (the survey can be put on your own website) etc.

• COMPETITIVE PRICES: Some of the similar online surveys even offer free services, but those free surveys do not meet the requirement of many organisations and serious projects. Our package prices are exceptional, particularly when considering that the service provided is effectively a turnkey solution to your research needs. Read more 

Virtual Market Research

Virtual research is an extension of the traditional methods of marketing research. While marketing research employs techniques like focus groups, surveys and observation to better understand consumer decision-making, virtual store research uses these standard research techniques within a simulated store setting, delivered via computer.

Virtual store research utilizes 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional computer simulation technology to create retail contexts that are as close to the real shopping experience as possible. This allows us to test consumers within the virtual environment to interact with store merchandise and make purchase decisions in a way that closely resembles real in-store behaviour.

Additionally, virtual store technology can help consumer packaged goods companies and retailers make daily business decisions without the need for physically changing stores and products. 

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Test your business idea with potential customers to check if there’s real demand for what you’re planning to sell. This lets you find out about any problems and fix them before you’ve wasted too much time, effort and money.